Inspection & Testing Services

Providing service of equipment safety Visual and Functional Inspection by the competent persons who are quality engineers, ensures the most highly qualified and reliable inspection under the International Standards, Manufacturer Instructions, Related Requirements and work procedures. Our services are listed below.

Lifting / Elevating Equipment Inspection

Performing all Lifting Equipment such as Lifting Accessories, Lifting Gears, Lifting machines, MEWP etc., by the competent person to ensure that the equipment met the requirement, that are free from defects or weakness and ensuring safety at the workplace.


  • Lifting Accessories
    –  Wire Rope Slings, Synthetic Webbing Sling, Chain Sling, Metal Mesh
    –  Shackles
    –  Snatch Blocks
    –  Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts, Lifting Loops
    –  Turnbuckles
    –  Swivels
    –  Hooks
    –  Man Basket
    –  Spreader Beam
    –  Below the Hook Lifting Items
    –  Rigging Hardware
    –  Material Baskets
    –  Cargo Baskets – CCU
  • Lifting Machines
    –  Winches
    –  Chain Blocks
    –  Lever Hoists
    –  Elevator
    –  BMU Cradle Machines / Sky Climber
  • MWEP – Mobile Work Elevating Platform – Man Lift
    –  Vehicle Mounted Aerial Work Elevating Platform
    –  Boom Supported Work Elevating Platform – Articulating, Telescopic
    –  Self / Manual Erecting Elevating Work Platform – Scissor Lift
    –  Storage Retrieval Machine